In trauma research, there are studies that have shown the presence of “fields” on CT scans with chronic illnesses.

These fields are circles that have appeared on scans without any explanation. Radiology practitioners chalked it up to being an anomaly on the screen.

However, certain researchers and doctors found that it may have not been an accident.
They compared thousands of CT scans of healthy individuals and those with chronic pain, chronic fatigue, illness, and cancers. They found that those with these health conditions had circular fields on certain parts of the brain.

The areas of the brain where the circles were located, matched the exact spot in the body where the patients had problems.

The brain has a map of the body within it. Certain areas of the brain are directly connected to certain parts of the body.

The connecting factor with all the sick patients was that each one suffered a large emotional/spiritual trauma within their lives.

Sometime in life, the spirit was BROKEN.

Maybe it was abuse, bad memories, or bad news they heard. Something made a big impact on their spirit.

This trauma created a field of emotional fatigue within the brain. The researchers postulated that the presence of this memory led to chronic aggravation within that certain area of the brain.

This creates a “pain circuit” between the brain and that area of the body, allowing sickness and diseases to grow. This fortifies the Mind-Brain-Body connection.

The spiritual pain and trauma we experience can lead to physical pain. Yes, your body can actually have physical changes and hurt when your spirit is broken.

You cannot separate the body from the spirit, they are deeply attached.

Don’t discount how much your SPIRIT NEEDS TO BE HEALED.

It doesn’t have to stay broken.

The doctors observed that practicing FOCUSED GRATITUDE, DANCING/BODY MOVEMENT and JOY daily reduced the evidence of trauma fields within the brain. And some patients healed without medication or surgery. No real explanation!

As the Proverb says:

“A joyful, cheerful heart brings healing to both body and soul. But the one whose heart is crushed struggles with sickness and depression.”

Remember, your brokenness can lead to surrender. This gives God/Divine more room to work in you.

Heal your spirit. Surrender. Be thankful. I’m thankful for you. Love you all.
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