In biology literature the function of the limbic system is described as the emotional centers of our brain.

The pineal, pituitary, and hypothalamus axis(PPH) is a major component of this system. Stress enter into this axis through perceived stress, and the electrical signal of the stress turns into biochemistry. These biochemicals trickle down through the PPH axis and trigger a stress response throughout our whole body.

As stress trickles down, our brain uses the axis as a thermostat…a thermostat of how much stress to let into to the body so we don’t burn out.

If too much stress is overloading the system, the pineal gland specifically can get overworked. When this gland gets tired and fatigued, it will shrink. Think of it as a person who is sick and not getting proper nutrition or care, they will lose weight and “shrink” because of the internal fatigue. Our organs and glands do the same thing.

The pineal gland is our gland that allows us to “tune in”. This gland allows more reception to external information such as vibrations, sounds, lights, etc. The size of the gland determines how much we download; the bigger the gland the better the download. A healthy pineal gland physiologically allows us to receive more external stimuli.

The stimuli we are talking about today is spiritual in nature. The transfer of information such as prayer and meditation put the pineal into the Ohm frequency…a theta frequency. This is a healing frequency that sages, prophets, and priests use to create a stronger connection to God/Divine. The more in tune we are with Divine, the more we relax and enter into parasympathetic state: complete relaxation and surrender to be aware of what really aggravates our neurology. There is plenty of interesting research on this phenomenon.

Prayer and Meditation have been shown to increase the size of the pineal, at least 5-10 minutes a day. The more we are in a parasympathetic state, the more our brain has the ability to identify hidden traumas and then go and release them. It will bring your body and brain into alignment. Awareness is key in healing. The pineal is our biological connection to Spiritual Perception.

Illustration by @lindsayblaze

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