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Almost all of us share the same DNA sequences. We all have the same gene markers…the only difference are the ways the genes EXPRESS themselves.

The shape, characteristics, and physical expression a gene produces depends on many things…but the top 2 being:

  1. EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE we receive from our family line.
  2. OUR GENETIC ABILITY to create energy and process toxins

These 2 strongly influence how see the world around us, and how AWARE we are inside.

The External Awareness of all stresses from outside sources: physical, chemical, and emotional/mental.

The Internal Awareness of factors such as:

  • Emotions
  • Infections
  • Food

How you metabolically detoxify and create energy Is strongly influenced from these factors.

In most cases, our awareness of these stress factors are at a subconscious level. Which indicates that our bodies are busy adapting to the stress, instead of processing through them.

Training the brain, body, mind to bring these factors into a conscious awareness, gives yourself the ability to process through, see them, and let go of them.

The more conscious we are, the more your body efficiently your body will process toxins, eliminate waste, and create energy.

TRAINING awareness comes through:

  • Prayer
  • Meditation
  • Intentional Focus
  • Relaxation 

As you heal, you help heal the world around you.

Everyone in the world has a piece of their DNA they share with everyone. We all have each other‘s telephone number. As we vibrate healing, we help others vibrate healing. Spread the love.

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