The Balance of sugar and fun! I want you to have fun and no worries this season!

It’s October…the beginning of Fall, and Halloween all mark the beginning of a sugar marathon for all of us.

What can keep us from having fun during the fall? COLDS AND STRESS

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) there are two things that can lead to cold, flu, and stress:
1. Cold air and wind in the lungs-this can drain protective chi
2. Weakened Immune (Wei Chi)
3. Emotional issues of worry and feeling out of control.

Research by western science has come across the evidence that:

  • Cold air can decrease the immune system (cool air and walks aren’t bad, just for individuals with already weakened energy).
  • What we eat (HIGH SUGAR) can actually inhibit our immune and change our emotional and mental state.
  • Being stuck indoors and sharing the same air with those who may be sick.

Taxing the body’s blood sugar system can imbalance the spleen and pancreas. Which can lead to emotions such as LACK OF CONTROL OVER EVENTS, WORRIED, and OVER CONCERN.

Best to process out these emotions during this season as it leads up to the holidays. You want your mind relaxed, joyful, and peaceful.

Also, preperation is best to prevent cold, flu, and stress.

5 habits that increase fun, the immune and reduce stress:

  1. CUT BACK ON SUGAR THIS SEASON-sugar can decrease immune cell activity for a few hours after consuming a sugary meal or drink.
  2. Eat seasonal vegetables and foods to increase your chi (make sure you don’t have sensitivity to any of them).
  3. Sleep-Fall is time to increase more sleep and rest. Resist the urge for overdoing, INTENTIONALLY slow down.
  4. Exercise-This can increase your immune cell activity and reduce the bodies natural stress chemicals. Low intensity during this time can help the adrenals and thyroid.
  5. Stress-Work through your stress. Focus internally and work on your internal health and how to RESPOND TO STRESS with prayer and meditation. 

And always do your best to find a holistic practitioner who can advise you on herbals and spices to increase your immune during this time.

Most of my patients who intentionally cut back on sugar during this season have more fun and don’t get sick.

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