Excessive sugar intake of any form can injure the digestive lining. Forms such as corn sugar, maltose, galactose (dairy sugar), rice sugar, fructose (fruit sugar), date sugar, cane sugar, etc. The list can appear to be excessive, but it is important to understand what can feed the mechanism of leaky gut, namely yeast, bacteria, mold, and parasites.

Sugar in itself is not bad, in fact the brain runs primarily on glucose and sugars…your brain needs it for proper function. Sugars play a key role in energy production within our cells. However, we have abused the use of sugar, and now it’s evident by the presence of leaky gut in most individuals in the US. Sugar feeds the metabolism and life processes of many harmful microbes such as: yeast, mold, bacteria, and parasites.

In a normal gut environment, good bacteria will fight off bad bacteria and other infections. Good bacteria are fed off inulin, certain fibers, good carbs, Jerusalem artichoke, etc.

The good bacteria also release enzymes which help break down certain foods, and keeps the pH of our digestive tract neutral to more alkaline. Bad bacteria, yeast, parasites, and mold are fed by excessive sugar intake, which can create an acidic environment. The constant intake of sugars, in any form, feed the bad guys and they grow, reproduce, move to new locations, and release lots of waist.

The good bacteria are eventually outnumbered and cannot fight off the bad microbes nor can they clean up all the bad toxins released. This leads to a condition of dysbiosis. Dysbiosis simply is the overgrowth of bad infections and toxins in our digestive system. The overgrowth of yeast, bacteria, etc. has been shown to damage the lining in our digestive tract by creating cracks, holes, and damaging acid pumps in the stomach=LEAKY GUT.

Toxins gone wild:

  1. Yeast toxins
  2. Mold toxins
  3. Bacterial toxins

    These toxins create a breeding ground for overgrowth of yeast and parasites. It’s not a subject most people want to talk about, but it is quite rampant in our culture due to the American Diet.

    The symptoms of leaky gut are many. Brain fog, headaches, stuffy nose, rashes, stomach pain, ulcers, belching, heartburn, DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, psoriasis, etc.
    The most important symptom is the malabsorption of vital nutrients, such as minerals and vitamins. You can get a leaky gut test and check for your Zonulin levels to see if your lining needs support.

    Proper support can come in the form of:

    1. Good probiotics – VIOME TESTING
    2. Zinc, Magnesium, Selenium
    3. Glutamine and Vitamin C
    4. Antimicrobial Herbs and Spices

      Research is key and finding the right combo of nutrients is the journey. Don’t get discouraged, keep going and find what works for you.

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