by | Dec 13, 2018 | Excelify, Storms

If you are doing your best to heal and take care of yourself, and old symptoms surface, remember you are processing and healing.

If symptoms pop out of no where very quickly for no explained reason, always check the weather.

When storm systems move into your area, they can shift the barometric pressure within your area and your body.

If pressure changes in your body, it can “squeeze” and press the tissue that holds old toxins. Eventually forcing them into the bloodstream or lymph nodes.

When hidden toxins are released, they can give you old symptoms, EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE HEALING.

As the liver (your blood filter) heals, the reaction to storm fronts will get better and eventually go away.

If you see a storm system coming, just tell yourself you may have a couple of deep detox days.

Don’t be discouraged, let it flow.

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