One of the main concerns patients have when they first visit the office is the amount of supplements they have been taking to heal all their ailments. At some point, they feel as though they are not getting any better or they feel better when they don’t take supplements. If this is the case for you, here may be a couple of explanations why.
The body places trauma, injury, and chemical imbalance in layers within the body. You’re innate intelligence and brain will categorize and try to remove the layers piece by piece.
As the layers add on over the years, we put in our memory log all the things we have suffered from in the past…this can lead us to trying to take a supplement for every ailment we known we’ve had. We work hard to get healthy and stay healthy. After a while though, the combination of supplements can have a heavy effect on our bodies.
The body’s basic biochemistry runs off certain minerals, vitamins, proteins, and antioxidants. The addition of many supplements to treat every single condition, can actually create toxicity within the body if we are not careful. We have to think of supplements as a recipe. You add ingredients to a recipe in small increments in a certain time period. It is not good to dump all the ingredients in and expect the flavor to come out great :-), the body can act the same way.
They say less is more. Using smaller amounts of supplementation that feed your natural biological cycles and energy production can heal your body in steps…so you don’t have to take so many.
Check out the video where explain more.

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