TAURUS April 20 – May 20

Taurus, the bull, a mixture of tough, grit, style and refinement. You believe in the value and reward of hard work. This work ethic gives you the motivation to meet any obstacle head on.

You have a God-given ability to find a way to manifest change in your life. Challenges do not create fear in you, but opportunities to cultivate strength.

The strength of Taurus shows the rest of the world that HARD WORK CREATES EQUAL RETURN. You enjoy beautiful things. Anything of worth and value rarely come easy. The idea of putting in hard work to produce a high quality life is normal for you. Manifesting your desires comes naturally to you through ambition and consistent, smart work.

– Reliable
– Devoted
– Stable
– Sensual
– Practical

You are willing to work hard to create balance. A balanced life to you consists of meaningful work, positively impacting others, and sincere friendships. Creating a peaceful setting with clear intentional living is very important to you! You are a PEACEMAKER, if everyone around you is ok, then you are ok.

Honesty is central to your beliefs, and you have an ability to spot sincere people in a moment. This is an important factor when choosing your social group. It may take you a period of time to find your tribe of friends, but when you find the honest, full-hearted people you love…you are friends for life. You see the best in your people and are always a constant encouragement.

As strong as your personality is, you have a refined side that accentuates the soft things in life. This is the reason why you are great at design, fashion, art, and engineering. You appreciate quality esthetics in your surroundings and in people. This is why it is impressive to you to see your friends and loved ones dress well or live in fashion.

Will power is what sets this sign apart. Creating an environment of physical beauty and esthetics is not just about what a Taurus can get in this life, it shows how much worth they put into their work. The more quality they put into their work, the more quality of life they expect in return.

Taurus teaches the rest of us that self worth has a huge impact on the type of life we WANT to live.

A Taurus will work through the night to meet a challenge. This makes them the most dependable friend, worker, employee. The drive to create value for others in their work can often create an environment of self forgetfulness. Their goals will often overshadow their own health as they drive to the finish line…this can often be accompanied by the idea of proving their self worth.

When Taurus works themselves to fatigue, there is a belief that, “the better work I do, the more valuable I am.” This sign can forget that hard work is a valuable expression of their true self, but it is not what defines them. If exhaustion sets in, Taurus will find themselves withdrawing and feeling that they are not approved by others, constantly feeling judged by what they have or have not produced.

The WILL POWER to create ideas and achieve is just as much an impressive characteristic as the hard work Taurus puts into it. People are attracted to this sign not for what is produced, but the way Taurus amplified everything around them!

Self criticism and high expectations can make a Taurus an island to themselves. Lost in their own thoughts, they can become a bit critical of others, expecting others to meet the same demand they place on themselves.

Steps for Balance:
– Surround yourself with honest people, but also give grace to other signs as they may not have the same work ethic as you.
– Focus on your goals, and set practical methods to get there. Avoid over-sheduling yourself to the point of exhaustion.
– Schedule breaks in your life…and STICK to them.
– As hard as you work, play with the same passion. Find activities that bring as much joy as your work.
– Quiet your mind DAILY! Set aside time to pray or meditate for at least 10-20 minutes a day.

The decans of this constellation.
– Orion – You are Swift, strong…the HERO. You will bear the burdens of others, work through problems and create peace from it.
– Eridanus – The River: You have a current of will power that flows from you. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to. And you will run through any obstacle to get there.
– Auriga – The Shepherd: You look out for others, always wanting peace in their lives. Protecting your family and friends is in your blood!

Anything is possible with and for you, Taurus!

Illustration by @lindsayblaze, a Taurus.

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