Excess sugar in our diets can make our livers work harder if we are not careful. If the liver is dehydrated, has low oxygen, and has to continuously process sugar, it will take the excess sugar and turn it into bad cholesterol (triglycerides) instead of good cholesterol. Remember, good cholesterol eventually turns into our hormones, such as testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone.

What does this mean?
A high sugar diet can lead to low testosterone production.

Blood testing:
Check cortisol levels and see if they are low or high. As important, check insulin levels and see if they are out of normal range. Recent studies have suggested that having insulin levels checked is very informative and a strong indicator if blood sugar is headed in the high or low direction. Insulin testing appears to be very beneficial along with normal blood sugar testing. Insulin levels can show imbalance with blood sugar even before it appears on normal blood work.

High stress eventually leads to adrenal fatigue and cortisol burnout. At the same time insulin levels have been fluctuating to keep blood sugar balanced during times of stress. Cortisol and insulin levels can fluctuate and show on blood test before low T does, so keep an eye out.


  1. Cortisol
  2. Insulin
  3. Triglycerides
  4. Testosterone

Remember, when cortisol levels burn out, the body lacks the ability to mobilize stored sugar (glycogen) in the liver. This leads to fatigue, energy loss, and SUGAR CRAVINGS.

Remember sugar is the quickest form of energy for the brain and muscles. When we get tired , sugar is the first thing we turn to simply because it is a survival mechanism – your brain has to have energy.

Here are some steps to raise testosterone. Moderate and Limit:

  1. Sugars – includes carbs, starches, dairy, processed sugars
  2. Grains – mostly wheat, barley, corn, and rice
  3. Dairy – ice cream, yogurt, half and half, etc.
  4. Alcohol – helps with ED

Monitor these blood levels, and let’s moderate the sugars! It will create perfect environment for testosterone building! 💪🏼

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