Testosterone is a sex hormone produced in the reproductive glands (ovaries and testes) by both men and women. It is made from cholesterol in the liver.

Cholesterol eventually turns to pregnenalone and then to testosterone. Cholesterol is a beneficial part of our bodies, it creates hormones and cell walls.

If one of your main thoughts is, “I WORKOUT AND CANNOT LOSE WEIGHT!”, then this is your week!!!

Testosterone’s main function is to build muscle, keep our cells energized, and give us sex drive. It’s vital to our everyday mood; it gives us strength to handle stress and work. This hormone gives us the “I can do anything” type feeling.

This week we are gonna discuss

  • Signs and symptoms
  • How it starts
  • Blood sugar relationship to Low T
  • The genes that create Low T

Stay Tuned! We gonna do this in steps together!

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