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Psychologists and psychiatrists state surrender should not be thought of as “giving up” or “giving in”.

If we believe we have to give up, then there must be a fight happening in our lives.

We all get tired of fighting.

The experts say the biggest questions to answer: How do we label the fight? What are we fighting?

Do we try to fix the problem so we stop fighting? Or do we label the fight as a learning experience in our lives? The lesson: lay down what we are not responsible for and walk through the fight.

A fight within the brain creates the “fight or flight response.” This response creates disharmony within the brain. This axis runs down the center of the body.

When you are in fight or flight, you can drain the conception vessel (CV) within Chinese acupuncture. This acupuncture energy pathway helps each one of us process guilt and shame. It is directly related to the brain in kinesiology.

As a result, when we get tired from fighting it can produce unexplained guilt and shame. We then have tendencies to feel RESPONSIBLE for the fight.

As you surrender it is natural to have thoughts of guilt or shame. Feeling you didn’t do enough, but just know this is the brain being fatigued. This fatigue is when we have attempted to fix something ourselves, and hinder our True Self and God from flowing.

Letting healing flow from above will ease the guilt and shame. Practice that surrender!

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