We are called.

The deeper our pain, the deeper is our CALL to awareness.

As pain builds in the body, it shows the foundation of fear we have in the unconscious mind.

Psychology research says that we are formed with fear instilled in us through our environment, parents, and energetic influences.

But why do we consistently seek to alleviate pain in our life? Because there is a portion of our TRUE SELF that CALLS us to UNDERSTAND our pain and become aware of our FEAR.

Pain is a reminder that we want to become aware. And awareness produces wisdom.

Aware of what? Awareness that we have lost connection with ourselves.

Many times WE LOSE OURSELVES in the wrong people, beliefs, relationships, situations, etc.

When we re-connect to our TRUE SELF, we align and download from God. We step back onto the path created for us.

We want connection. Pain calls us to connect to the true parts of life and to walk in wisdom.

As said in the Proverbs:
“Does not wisdom call out?
Does not understanding
raise her voice?
At the highest point
along the way,
where paths meet,
she takes her stand…” 🦋


Styled and Shot by @lindsayblaze

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