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Two General Types
1. Dairy that can be healthy for certain individuals
2. Dairy that should be avoided by everyone

Here are specific points to consider when choosing to consume dairy:
1. Individuality – your genetic capability to breakdown dairy
2. Low-quality dairy
3. Lactose (milk sugars) and fermented dairy
4. Dairy Proteins – Casein and Whey


Individuality – Can you break down dairy?

  • Healthy individuals genetically can digest dairy more often than unhealthy individuals.
  • Symptoms of dairy sensitivity: headaches, skin rashes, nausea, brain fog, etc.


The Test:

  • Write down any symptoms or problems you have, even if you don’t think they are related to dairy = skin or hair problems, fatigue, body aches, digestive issues.
  • Stay off dairy products for two weeks.
  • After 2 weeks, look at the list and re-evaluate if any symptoms have changed. If there are less problems, then dairy more than likely is a stress on your body.
  • If there isn’t much of a change, add the same amount of dairy you were eating 2 weeks ago and see if any signs or symptoms get worse. If they get worse, dairy is not a good choice for you.

Low Quality Dairy

  • Most dairy products in our stores come from unhealthy animals.
  • Most dairy livestock is not in humane environments-they usually are treated with antibiotics, hormones, and chemicals to produce more milk.
  • Most products of these animals do not pass with a grade A, but with a grade C. Grade C is still sold in stores as dried/powdered milk, which is used in many packaged products containing milk or cheese.
  • Choose dairy from organic, grass fed sources – especially from humane farms where animals are well cared for and less stressed. I usually suggest finding farms that seek products at their farm or farmer’s market.

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