by | Jul 17, 2018 | Diet, Excelify

First I would like to say I have seen the benefits of many types of diets. With body types we discussed the types of foods that are most beneficial for the specific type.

Can all 3 body types use the same diet and still benefit? YES.

Why? The principles of the diet are what makes the biggest difference, not the list of foods that are recommended in the diet. So a diet can suggest everyone to eat high fats, an example would be in the form of avocados for fuel, but not everyone will respond favorably to avocados.

The principle is right but our genetics and body types make us so unique that we have to search out what food sources can actually make the diet plan work.

Please understand I am not putting down any diet plans or lists that are recommended. I am just saying that we are all different and we all have to make the principles of any diet work to our particular bodies.

Many diets will give recommendations about what foods you should eat, but food sensitivities or allergens to anything on the list could lessen the benefits of the diet. That is why people can follow a diet’s food list and not lose weight. You have to find what foods you are sensitive to, make adjustments to food sources and then implement them into the diet plan.

You will see even better results of any diet if you can find what you are sensitive to and work from that baseline.

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