Which Element Am I?
The Elements are the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) description of a person’s essence, constitution, or personality.
“I resonate with a couple different elements, hard to pick which one.”

When choosing your number in the Enneagram, we discussed of going back to childhood to identify your personal motivation (check previous post).

For myself, the way I solidified my element was to refer back to the environment I find the most PEACE. I’m referencing the actual physical environment such as the desert, mountains, ocean, lakes, woods, etc.

I find the most PEACE and rest in the mountains or hills. Even if the mountain does not have a lot of trees, just the earth and soil itself grounds me. I don’t have any explanation why, but I sleep the best and do not feel RUSHED while in the mountains.

When you are in your element stresses seem to decrease quite noticeably. Why? The stress load is the same whether you are at work or in your element. The difference of course is the environment change.

The energy in the elements themselves, water, earth, heat, etc. literally feed your cells. They give you their vibration. That extra, free, environmental energy helps you process more stress through your body efficiently. As result, your cells release stress.

Your ELEMENT helps you process stress. It is working for you!

Patients tell me, “I love the beach, it gives me so much energy!” I love the beach too, it energizes me, but the question is does it bring PEACE. Some environments may bring you energy, but not necessarily REST. For example, the mountains must process my stress more than the beach.

Another example, “I think I love the water more now than my initial element.” Can someone switch? In most cases, people usually don’t switch. It may take a long while or a lifetime to finally find their Peaceful Environment. Which one do you dream about because it ALWAYS brings peace to your mind. Usually one element alone comes to a persons mind when they are asked. Remember, go with PEACE.

They say time of year can make an impact to your element, but that is whole other conversation which can be saved for later.

Find your PEACE everyone! I’m off to the mountains✌️

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