Some days you are going to feel superb and other days…not so much. I don’t take any credit for this thought or scale. A friend of mine told me about how she uses scales to help her deal with any day she doesn’t feel well, because of foods she may have eaten that she was sensitive too. The scale helps her stay encouraged and not defeated as she is consistently building momentum.

In the office, I routinely have to tell patients to not be discouraged, many factors come into play when you have an off day. If they have eaten foods they were unaware of or had a “cheat day”, I tell them that they just have to expect to feel off for a few days. I see the benefit of having a scale because knowing you may feel gross for a few days or foggy headed will keep you in flow instead of getting discouraged.

In my experience, I could hammer it down to look like this:

  • 1-2 In bed, not moving, no energy-Don’t care about anything, depressed, suppressed, self-esteem issues, gross-feeling
  • 3-4 In bed, some energy, brain fog-Anger, blame, guilt and shame of not doing anything, can’t think straight, wishy washy thoughts
  • 5-6 Out of bed, daily activities at a level pace, not rushing, allowing things to come to you, happy in the day for what it is
  • 7-8 Feeling rushed, never rested, worried about getting it all done, thinking 5 steps ahead, concerned if something bad will happen
  • 8-10 Panic-small things make you have an anxiety attack, cannot think straight at all, cannot sit still, Everything will go wrong! Fearful on every side.

If you are not having a good day, check this chart out. Give yourself a number to study and realize it may last a couple days. Remember any processed foods you may have eaten to get you into one of these numbers. Then make note that if you eat the same food again, it may lead you back to the number for a few days. But don’t get discouraged, it will get better!!!

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