by | Dec 13, 2018 | Critic, Excelify

We often attract and choose friends, loved ones, and companions that fortify the negative dialogue of our internal critic.

The internal critic has a healthy and unhealthy side within our natural personality.

Recognizing and becoming aware of the unhealthy portions of our character is a first step in true healing. The more you study yourself and become AWARE, the more GRACE you give to yourself.

Be mindful that any negative dialogue of shame, guilt, or high expectations inside is not amplified by another person or unhealthy attachment.

We still need people to speak truth to us, but the dialogue should be nourishing…without fear and tension.

When no fear is present, you realize that the person speaking to you is not a critic, but another friend in the journey of life.

We learn through our experiences; we should feel encouraged that the experiences bring awareness…of yourself and the external critics.

As you heal within, you will tend to attract more friends, companions, etc. that want awareness of themselves. When healing occurs within, it amplifies with those that have the same ideals!

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