During the holidays, most individuals like to enjoy a relaxing wine or cocktail…or a few of them šŸ™‚ A good relaxing drink is great for when you are cooking and when you want to wind down from having many folks around.

My patients ask me how do we enjoy good drinks without feeling bad. My response is that you need to avoid any chemicals in the drinks and find the one that works for you.

3 things to choose to help make happy hour and time with family a bit more fun!

  1. Sulfite free-sulfites are added to kill off yeast from growing when products are stored or shipped over long periods of time
  2. Pesticide free-pesticides can injure the stomach and cause hangovers from liver toxicity
  3. Organic if possible-less amount of chemicals the better

Here is a simple guideline: if you are allergic, sensitive, or find yourself feeling bad after consuming these foods then avoid certain liquors:

  • Wheat, barley, oats – avoid whiskey, bourbon, wheat beers, beers in general
  • Corn – avoid whiskey, corn based vodka
  • Sugar cane or sugar in general – avoid rum
  • Rye – avoid rye whiskey, scotch, and beers that contain them
  • Agave nectar – Avoid tequila
  • Gin – thatā€™s your choice:)
  • Potatoes – potato based vodka

These are only suggestions that allow you to process the food and alcohol together. So you can avoid feeling bad and enjoy the day. Proper alcohol and food combination is vital!


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