The Oxford definition of COMPANION – A person or animal with whom one spends a lot of time or with whom one travels. A traveling companion.

The Journey of Health is a constant ebb and flow. There is a start to the journey, and if you go whole hearted into it, you won’t stop. As we get older, gain more experience; live in the hectic, our bodies are challenged every day with new stressors. Each day is a new section of the path. You will have easy days and not so easy days…it is inevitable.

The ups and down of any health problem can create worry of what each day may feel like. It is difficult to hear anyone who tries to inform you what you SHOULD DO, or if they assume to know how you feel. What most of us want is someone to just be there, no words necessary, just being.

Pets have an instinct to be. They live in the present…and want to spend it with you. This can be such a positive spin on your life, because of their ability to feel what you feel and resonate with you. Presentness and joy within your pet can rub off on you. For rough days in your journey, this is exactly what you need.

They will be there for you, no matter the distance.
Portrait by @robchianelli
Pug Master @lesliemosier
Style by @lindsayblaze

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