There is so much power in the mind.

The mind is not the brain. It does not “exist” within the brain. Psychologists/Psychiatrists say that it exists everywhere around you.

It could be referred to as your higher thought processing.

The experts say that the mind is composed of:
Conscious mind – How we encounter the world through our physical senses, sight, smell, hearing, etc.

Subconscious mind – Store programs that determine how we respond or react to any situation.

Unconscious mind – The dark areas of the mind where our programming is created. Especially in the first two years of life, and even in the womb. This is also the place where our basic, selfish instincts can reside.

Where your true self resides. This is the place where you can communicate with God. Like a string that connects with God.

In this arena of you, there is a conflict between your Ego and the True Self.

EGO TELLS us that we need someone or something to be complete or whole.

TRUE SELF SPEAKS to us, and reminds us that we are whole and complete.

The True Self is constantly conversing with God/The Divine. This is the place where your gifts and beauty are forever encouraged by God.

The Divine wants you to see it physically, chemically, and emotionally.

You’re growth depends on which part of the mind you nourish and surrender to.

Parts of that growth are definitely connected to the body. Especially the brain. The right and left side of your brain must be in harmonious communication to allow the signal receivers of the brain to receive and download information of True Self.

This is the term Holosync – LEFT AND RIGHT brain connection.

These two parts of the brain connect when we pray, meditate, practice gratitude and surrender. It literally trains the brain to grow these areas so more information can be received.

Tomorrow, we will talk about the brains part in the mind.

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