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The mind can connect to different parts of the body. It especially likes the brain because it is such a receptive organ.

Our subconscious thoughts directly affect our health. Remember, the subconscious mind is the location where our programs are running. These programs were shaped and molded by our parents, genetics, and a specially environment. Genetics research shows that our genes were not designed to create disease but life. The researchers say that environment of the genes creates the disease.

For example, if your mother was stressed or depressed while you were in vitro, it can influence your health to live a life expecting stress and depression. Now as you grow older, you have to work with and sometimes against that program to create health.

– Environment creates programs during the UNCONSCIOUS phase from conception to age two or three.
– The set programs are placed into the subconscious mind so the child can respond or react to stress according to the program.
– The brain is trained and shaped, literally, to creates nerve networks specifically for each program. And they run them all day, that is how the stress can grow.
– The size and activity of left or right hemispheres of the brain show how a person is programmed.
– Are you right brain or left brain?
– Usually one side is dominant over the other, there can be miscommunication and disagreement between the left and right side.

Recall that our brains are set up to create health or disease just from programs installed by the environment. We can’t always change the environment, so we have to change the programming.

Researchers say one way to help discontinue the programs and create new ones is to create Holosync of the two hemispheres of the brain. Deep prayer, meditation, BINAURAL music relax the brain so both sides start to share responsibility for any injuries.

We will discuss this in more detail on the next post.

Your genes were meant to create life.U

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