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Why the Paleo Diet?

The Paleo diet simply suggests we eat proteins, vegetables, and fruits. Basically going back to the concepts of a simple diet…eat what comes from the earth and nothing artificial.

I think this diet is a simple, easy plan for all body types but there are simple modifications that can be made. Here are some simple suggestions that I see beneficial for each body type according to the diet (and if you are vegetarian, you can modify by placing proteins in the forms of beans, lentils, legumes, etc. but watch carb load while doing this).

Thyroid Body Type:

  • Protein – red meats, beef, bison, lamb, etc. are all good options-healthy fat is good for this body type
  • Vegetables – consume green leafy vegetables and vegetables of differing colors
  • Fruits – low sugar fruits such as cantaloupe, honey dew, berries
  • AVOID – cauliflower, broccoli, and cabbages-definitely wheat flour and gluten
  • Caffeine in low amounts

    Adrenal Body Type:

    • Protein – lean red meats, fish-salmon, tuna, grouper, etc., lentils, pinto and black beans. Nuts in the forms of almonds, macedamian, cashews, etc.
    • Vegetables – vegetables of all types and colors, especially seaweed, kale, and any green with high sodium/salt content
    • Fruits – always low sugar fruits but mostly berries
    • AVOID – Night shades especially white potatoes, candy and high sugar treats

    Reproductive Body Type:

    • Protein – Fish, lentils, beans
    • Vegetables – All vegetables, this type can be a vegetarian
    • Fruits – again low sugar fruits, berries and melons for this type are best
    • AVOID – dairy in any form, yogurt, creamers, ice cream, cows milk

    Remember we all must find what foods are good for us. We don’t want any that cause sensitivity reactions or allergies.

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