Today I was asked, “What is the main thing that can make your cholesterol high?”

While many things can make it high, it has been predominantly linked to high sugar consumption. Here’s exactly what is happening in your body:

When the body absorbs sugar, it will turn that sugar into either energy or fat / triglycerides. High amounts of white sugar overloads the body’s ability to convert all the sugar into energy. Therefore, the body will “reject” the excess sugar. To give an example, it’s like attempting to add gas to a full tank. Since the body’s cells have adequate amounts of sugar, it will signal the body to stop absorbing the sugar. The excess sugar is then turned to triglycerides in the liver, aka bad cholesterol.

Triglycerides can accumulate in blood vessels, which can lead to hardened arteries and clogged vessels. Those triglycerides can also be absorbed into fat cells creating excess weight gain. Most of the medical realm blames a dysfunctional liver for high cholesterol, but most of the time it is sugar abuse. So if you suffer from high cholesterol, it is important that you quit eating white sugar. It is the least complicated but hardest thing to do, but with some determination, it can be done. Love your liver, stop the sugar!

Be well,
Dr. Motley

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