The Science of Sadness

Sadness is not always a bad thing. In fact, it can be beneficial if we process it safely and efficiently. We benefit from sadness when we recognize it, process it, and let it flow through us. We do not always need to know the origin of the emotion because it may be a safe, healthy way for you just to release emotional stress.

Not everyone gets angry or anxious when they are stressed, some get sad because it is how they were programmed (by genetics or environment) to relieve pressure. This all is in relation to the organs that process sadness.

In Chinese medicine the organs that process or store sadness are primarily the lungs and colon. Imbalanced or fatigued organs do not process and release emotions efficiently.

Two things can occur with sadness:

  1. You can have genetic weakness in these organs passed down to you from your parents, which can allow sadness to build up in the body. So take note if your parents had chronic lung or colon problems throughout their lives. Even if you don’t have symptoms yourself, the genetic weakness could be passed down. If the organ is weak it could be difficult to process sadness of any sort to pass through the body efficiently.
  2. Chronic Infections within either organ such as: chronic bronchitis, asthma, Flu, parasites, E. Coli, Crohn’s disease, celiac’s, etc. can weaken the organs. Instead of processing sadness efficiently, the organ is spending its energy on fighting off infection. This results in sadness building up.

If you are feeling sad, it may be a way your body is releasing the stress, emotions, infections, genetic tendencies built up in the lungs or colon. If you cough a lot or have digestive issues while you are sad, then that is a good sign sadness is built up in the organs. If you are having trouble sleeping from 3-7am, this is also an indicator of your body processing sadness.

Healthy steps to release stored sadness:

  • Cry: cathartic and releases endorphins.
  • Pray: the active form for seeking guidance and direction.
  • Meditate: focus your thoughts on your lungs and colon and just let what comes into your mind process and don’t hinder it. Let the flow occur.
  • Identify: look and see if you are truly responsible for your sadness.

Understanding what makes you sad is the first step in releasing the emotion. Don’t try and make yourself happy, try and identify the roots of sadness so it can process out of the organs.

More identification means more processing💪! Happiness can then appear because understanding gives your emotions a release valve!

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