Healing has to take place in three systems of the body for true balance to happen. The body is constantly working to balance your structure, chemistry and psychology every second of every day, literally. If one system is “off” it affects and forces the other systems to change in order to keep balance within the body.

All too often I see chronic patients who are weary from being classified as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis, etc. They know that these aren’t true diagnosis, they are just descriptions of how the patient feels. Not only does this wear on their bodies from the common treatments of conventional medicine, but more importantly their minds.

I TRULY UNDERSTAND. I had Lyme disease for quite a few years, and it was hard to keep motivated.

I had to make healing a mindset; I had to start every day with a certain mindset to keep me going. When the therapies I received helped me detox (which is a tough process), it was hard to keep thinking that this was the path to healing. I kept motivated by the help of friends, family, God, and three rules that I always have in mind.

3 Rules in Healing

  1. Understand Your Condition

    Study your condition and understand the symptoms it produces along with the discomforts of healing, like a scab that itches while healing. This way, you are not always worried when you have foggy head, migraines, dizziness, feel like you are going to faint, or joint pain. This is all part of the process.

  2. Give Yourself Grace

    Do not be upset if you take two steps forward and take one back. That is how healing works; balance between the three systems always has a give and take relationship when healing is happening.

  3. Give Yourself Time

    Do not try to get better in a day or a week, just keep healing. The length of time that your condition built up before symptoms showed is an indicator that it may take a while before you are at full speed again.

    Please know that I understand what you are going through if you faced a chronic condition, it is a long road and you just want to be “normal.” Follow these three steps, trust me…they helped me through very hard times.

    Can you think of any other rules you followed or are following to help you through hard times? Let others know, to keep healing and grace moving in our world.

Be well,
Dr. Motley

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