The Unexplained Pain Between the Shoulder Blades – How to Relieve it!

Unexplained pain between the shoulder blades can have many sources. The most common cause in my patients are:
– Thyroid Gland Exhaustion: C7-T1 spinal discs
– Heart Stress and SADNESS: T1-T2 spinal discs(Heart muscles weakness)
– Lung Congestion and GRIEF: T3 spinal discs(Lung problems, congestion, coughing, unexplained crying)
– Digestive Problem and WORRY, FRUSTRATION, and ANGER: T4-T8 spinal discs(Gall Bladder, Stomach, Spleen, Pancreas, and Liver imbalance)
– Adrenaline Overload and GIVING TOO MUCH: T9 spinal disc (Adrenal Gland fatigue and pushing yourself too much)

If you have had a history or family history of problems in these organs, this may be something to further investigate. This is not to create fear, but to give you insight about the function of these organs and your stress levels.

High stress and unresolved emotions can create imbalance within these organs. This will create problems within the spinal discs related to the organs. As a result, you will have pain, stiffness, inflammation, and tightness within the spinal areas of the back associated with the organs.

Any additional stress on these areas of the back from standing, sitting, sleeping posture, or any work related positions can create pain.

Suggestions to Help:
– Determine if there is any hidden infections (bacterial, viral, fungal, yeast, or parasitic) within any of these organs creating problems. You can accomplish this by blood, saliva, or stool testing. Find a good holistic practitioner who can access these types of infections and treat them.
– If it’s emotional in nature, search for practitioners who utilize NET (neuro emotional technique), EMDR, Brain Mapping, and any neuro feedback emotional clearing techniques.
– Body work: locate practitioners who focus on organ/visceral body work.

I have seen unexplained upper back pain stop just by following these steps…and I’ve seen emotional trauma resolved as an added bonus!!
Illustration by @lindsayblaze

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