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The Whole 30 Diet

The Whole 30 is a diet that is both challenging and rewarding.
What does it cut out?

  1. Sugar
  2. Alcohol
  3. Grains
  4. Legumes (beans, chickpeas, and peanuts)
  5. Dairy

What can you eat?

  1. Meat
  2. Eggs 
  3. Seafood
  4. Vegetables
  5. Nuts and seeds

This plan is not about exercise, counting calories, or reading labels. It’s simply eliminating foods that have been known to increase inflammation and swelling which can lead to weight gain.

With so many body types and genetic variations/mutations, it is hard to find a one size fits all dietary plan. According to the plan, foods on the naughty list have components within them that can create inflammation on all body types. For example, legumes and beans may be ideal for and adrenal body type, but research is showing the lectins within the beans are inflammatory to every body type-even the adrenal.

So to cut out any risk of excess inflammation and weight gain, the plan cuts out any foods known to create an acidic state.It’s based on elimination. When the 30 days of this plan are over, it is guaranteed weight loss occurs. I have seen it first hand help individuals drop significant weight and reshape their bodies. I have even see people bodies change just by elimination of grains and dairy alone.

Do I think grains and dairy is all bad … NO! Our genetically modified products and hormone filled dairy products have created a society of sensitive individuals with leaky gut who cannot process these so-called food sources. If it was clean, non-GMO, non-pesticide products, we would see a lot less inflammation in the body even if these foods were consumed. With as many years as everyone has consumed such toxic food, it may take just as long or longer to get rid of the stored toxins within the bodies tissues.

I love this diet, because elimination of foods and the slow re-introduction will give you a good idea what causes weight gain. You can soon find out what makes you feel bad, have less energy, or gain weight by adding inflammatory foods back one-by-one.

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