The Year of Opportunities….and Decisions

Opportunities = Making Decisions

This may be a year of opportunities. And in my estimation…it could be many opportunities. What brings them your way?

In neurology, it is shown that the brain Has more capacity for growth when chronic experiences, beliefs, relationships, jobs, etc. are perceived and released.

Repetitive thoughts and events create neurological belief patterns in our brains. Continuing in the same thought process or moving in the same patterns will consistently result in the same outcomes.

The patterns create networks in our brains, and anytime we choose to change a pattern, it may result in fight or flight response, cortisol jump, or fatigue. Why? It’s not our normal behavior, and normal behaviors feel safe to us. We spend most of our day living in the subconscious and living out our beliefs. We are busy conforming to ideas hardwired in our heads…what we should be, who we should act like, what job we should have, who we should date, etc. This conforming creates a nerve networks assigned to these so-called “comfort”signals…even if the pattern is not beneficial. The more we stay in the pattern the more normal we feel.

What prompts us to change? Or why do we have a feeling to WANT new opportunities? It’s our fatigue that is speaking to us. It is truly an act of self-preservation.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the kidneys are the organs that help us produce determination or will power. And in western medicine, it is related to the strength of the adrenals, because the adrenals sit right on top of the kidneys. When we are tired we can lose the will power to make changes.

The body knows that staying in a particular path can result in heavy fatigue and low will power. The innate intelligence of your body, the Mind urges you to make DECISIONS. These decisions are geared to preserve your energy, regain quality of life, and improve overall metabolism. Your physiology and neurology pushes you to make decisions.

Remember in the year of opportunities you may need to make decisions. And they are geared for your preservation and encouragement. It may be tough decisions, but it is the way your body and mind attempt to be on the same wavelength. Be aware of your body! Let the mind flow through!

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