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Why Diet?

When we talk about diet plans, the word “plan” implies that there is an end to a process. To change your metabolism- the way it burns fats, carbs, and proteins to create more energy can take months or even longer. It can no longer be looked at as a plan but more a constant way of life.

Choosing a diet plan is quite important, I recommend and encourage them daily. Even in my recent posts I talk about what diet plans are commonly used for-weight loss, leaky gut, immune system, food sensitivities, muscle building, brain health, nerve health, etc. The real question is: WHY do you want those things? WHY are they important to you? You are the only one that can answer that.

Answering those questions are key. It takes it out of the realm of a plan, and places it into a way of life. There are “ends” to a plan, but a way of life has no ending. Changing your way of life simply needs to become LIFE.

Sometimes I believe diet plans place in our minds that we need to be someone else or do something different for a bit and then eventually go back and be the same person with the same patterns. We hope that a short burst of change will create a permanent biological reset.

Resets only occur with repetition. If we want life to change, then the length of your repetition should be the length of your life. Diets become part of your life, they are no longer month or year long plans… they are LIFE. In other words, choose a healthy way of eating and just stick with it. 🙂

Ask yourself WHY you want your life to change… my reason, LOVE. NOTHIN’ BUT LOVE.

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