1. Thin, slender fingers-piano hands
  2. Slender body, lean, thin frame
  3. Morning person, likes to get things done by noon
  4. Craves sugar when fatigued
  5. Early to bed and early to rise
  6. Needs iron-red meat-feels better
  7. Weight gain occurs around neck and shoulders, and all around except lower arms and lower legs
  8. Can be prone to cardiovascular problems
  9. Reactive to wheat and lectins
  10. Breakfast most important meal of the day

The thyroid is the spark plug of your body. When the brain receives or perceives stress in any situation, it tells the thyroid to start producing thyroid hormones. These hormones then tell the rest of the body to pick up the pace and create more energy to meet the demand of stress.

When the thyroid gets overworked and starts to burn out, there are signals:

  1. Coarse-brittle hair and hair loss
  2. Dry skin
  3. Brittle nails
  4. Eyebrow hair loss (outer edges)
  5. Weight gain around the shoulders and neck

If you notice these symptoms, it’s a good idea to get your thyroid levels checked through blood-work:

  • TSH – Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
  • TRH – Thyroid Releasing Hormone
  • T4 – Free Thyroxine
  • T3 – Triiodothyronine

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