Epstein Barr Virus is a type 4 herpes virus that can infect the whole body, but especially the thyroid and heart. It spreads rapidly through the blood stream and lymphatic system.

In recent years, research and testing is showing high correlation between EBV and autoimmune diseases. In my experience, the thyroid is not only susceptible to this virus, but other infections as well-Cytomegalovirus, Astrovirus, Coxsackie B Virus(hand foot and mouth), lnfluenza, Lyme Disease, Parasites, Mold, Yeast, etc. However, EBV is more researched and recognized as a possible cause to Hashimoto’s. I would not count out any of the other possible infections creating thyroid dysfunction. The body will try to eliminate any infection in the thyroid, no matter which type.

EBV is a leading cause for mono-an inflammatory and swelling condition of the lymph system. A sluggish and weak lymph system decreases normal detoxification in the body. EBV decreases detox, backs up lymph, can hide for years in the lymph, and can spread rapidly.

EBV gets your own cells to create copies of the virus and then release them out to infect other cells. The numbers are usually 1 of our cells can create 1 million EBV. Chronic EBV infection for many years will result in very high levels in the blood = Chronic Fatigue and an overworked Thyroid.

I suspect EBV when a patient has symptoms for hypothyroid, but also exhibit:
Clogged ears
Sinus problems
Lymph swelling in the neck and underarms especially
Chronic eye “gunk” and vision problems
Female Menstrual Problems

3 other things I see when performing tests are head tingling and itching, chronic neck stiffness, hoarse voice, painful to talk, and random fevers.

Conclusion-EBV is in 80% of population, but only a few exhibit the symptoms because of low immune function. The chronic fight between your immune and EBV could create a hypothyroid situation that could lead to Hashimoto’s. If you have Hashimoto’s I would definitely get checked for EBV. #motify

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