Chronic infections and sicknesses can create a weak thyroid.

Infections and sicknesses that can hurt the thyroid are:

  • Strep Throat – sore throat, heavy ear wax
  • Staph Infections – rashes on throat, face, or scalp(dandruff)
  • Lyme Disease – neurological and muscle weakness
  • Epstein Barr Virus – chronic fatigue syndrome
  • H. Pylori and E. Coli – chronic digestive problems
  • Flu Virus – chronic flu and cold symptoms
  • Digestive Parasites – chronic fatigue, hunger, and weakness
  • Candida Yeast and Mold/Fungus – bad breath, foot and body odor, thrush, excessive ear wax, itchy skin, dandruff

Infections can get inside the thyroid gland, and damage the surrounding cells and tissues of the gland.

If you have a damaged thyroid it may produce lower amounts of thyroid hormones called T3 and T4(energy producing hormones). The low levels of T3 and T4 (hypothyroidism) will effect other hormonal glands in the body, which can lead to hormone imbalance and chronic fatigue syndrome.

The top ways you and I can get these infections?

  1. direct contact from other people
  2. food and water sources
  3. airborne – what we breathe in

Why do infections like the thyroid?
Because blood constantly runs through the thyroid all day. Your whole blood volume passes through the thyroid every 24 hours. Infections in the blood stream land in the thyroid and stay in the tissue. The constant blood flow through the thyroid brings nutrients and vitamins directly to the infections. They don’t have to move; they can sit and be fed without moving.

Additionally, if there are infections in other organs of the body, the thyroid is still working overtime to give energy to your immune cells so they can fight the infections. Whether the infections are in the thyroid or somewhere else, the thyroid can get injured.

The herbals and spices I see do the best job in eliminating infections are:

  • Neem power – Melia Supreme capsules
  • Chinese Coptis – Golden Thread Supreme capsules
  • Ionic/Colloidal Silver
  • Olive leaf – Olive Leaf Supreme capsules
  • Noni powder – Morinda Supreme capsules

Infections are very harmful your thyroid if they aren’t cleansed from the body. Leaving infections untreated in the thyroid can lead to chronic fatigue and hormonal imbalance.

Almost every patient that I have seen with hypothyroid has had some form of chronic infection hiding within the body. This is not to sound fearful but gives you ideas of what may create hypothyroid symptoms.

If you have had any of these chronic infections in your life without present symptoms of sickness, but have hypothyroidism, you may want to consider getting testing done for these infections. It’s all about taking your thyroid back!!

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