Too much Responsibility!


  • Never feeling like you did enough
  • Feeling guilty because you don’t “feel” like you met expectations or read minds
  • Or feeling hurt because when you give love you don’t receive the same amount in return

Usually for the individual:

  • Who cares too much or overextends themselves
  • Does everything for everyone else
  • Chronically sacrifices wants, needs and time for the sake of others
  • Suffered some form of trauma

Simply, there are many of us who take on the RESPONSIBILITY for how others act, feel, or think towards us. We want others to “see” what we do for them to show we care.

Many people will not perceive the care or love you give simply because of the way they view their world. It all goes back to the unconscious brain programming we receive as a child. How we are programmed determines how we view reality.

Simple steps to help shed off unneeded responsibility. I enjoy the advice from Ruiz who wrote “The Four Agreements.” I make it 3 :)

  1. Be honest-with your words
  2. Do YOUR best
  3. Don’t Assume what another person is thinking 

If we don’t follow these steps and “break” them, it could affect how another person VIEWS us. We have made ourselves somewhat responsible for how they act, feel, or think toward us, because of not acting out of our best intentions. We just need to take responsibility for our actions and resolve the issue and start back on the steps!

I follow the steps so I don’t have too many responsibilities aka “Mot-ify” 😆

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