Trauma in the Organs

Organs are storehouses of emotions.
The brain can get overwhelmed with repeated trauma. Excess trauma can be placed into organ tissue. The organ tissue can then become sick or toxic due to the high amounts of stress within it. The function of the organ decreases due to high levels of trauma.

In traditional Chinese medicine, each organ represents an emotion. For example the liver represents anger, which means anytime a person experiences anger it will STACK anger up in the liver. That is how layers of trauma are built up in the organs.

As a result, ANY anger, even anger not associated with the original trauma, could create liver problems because it is all stored in that organ. If a person has high amounts of anger from trauma built up, any small amount of unrelated anger could trigger the original trauma.

When organ tissue becomes weak from the trauma and layers of emotions, it can make the organ susceptible to infections, heavy metals, inflammation, or allergy symptoms. The person then can experience organ dysfunction due to trauma.

For example, a person could experience high blood pressure or heart palpitations if trauma is layered in the heart. Stomach problems or indigestion could occur if a person stores stress in that area. Hope this makes sense.

Techniques to help release trauma from the organs. I have seen some of the best organ therapy with these techniques.

  1. NET-Neuro Emotional Technique
  3. SOT-Sacro Occipital Technique
  4. Acupuncture
  5. Meditation
  6. Applied Kinesiology-\

Routine acupuncture and meditation is a must with organ relief!

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