Trauma and emotions connected to the experiences of our ancestors can be passed down through our DNA.
The Genome Project produced information on specific genes and their coding. Information on what each gene makes and what it does for the body. Many genes were identified, but there are still strands of genes that have no definitive function. They were once referred to as “junk DNA”. Research is starting to uncover that these portions of DNA may be linked to our emotions- how emotions are stored and passed down from generation to generation.
Recall that DNA is not just a physical strand to pass on physical traits, but an electrically conductive material. DNA has the capacity to carry electrical charges and frequencies. The frequencies of our ancestors can still hold on to us in the present time.
What our ancestors experienced, the memory,,,creates an ELECTRICAL CHARGE. We may be able to carry the memory and charge in our genes day, and not be aware of it. If those memories are full of pain and trauma, we may feel pain or trauma and not know why.
We could feel it if we are triggered by an event that stimulates the portion of the DNA strand passed down from our ancestors. If a problem occurs today that is similar to a generational event in the past, it can create a frequency that “wakes up” that old memory.
How do we remind the body to clear out the frequencies passed down so we have the capacity to heal?
I think a great basic process such as EFT-emotional freedom technique, is a start. It is called beginning and ending point therapy on the acupuncture meridians system.
Start pressing or tapping these points for 3-5 seconds each, while feeling the positive opposite emotion. For instance, if you feel anger, then think about love, and who you love, and all the lovely things around you while you tap. Do it 2-3 time daily. You will see a big change in your healing, especially with generational trauma.
Lung 1-Grief and crying
Large Intestine 20-Sadness, being controlled
Stomach 1-Worry
Spleen 21-Low Self Esteem
Heart 1-Problems with love, exhausted, joy
Small Intestine 19-lost and vulnerable
Kidney 27- Fear
Bladder 1- Dread or bad memories
Triple heater 23- depletion and fatigue
Pericardium 1- emotional detachment and guarded
Liver 14- anger
Gall Bladder 1- resentment
Governing Vessel 26- false pride
Conception Vessel 24-shame or dishonored

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