What your chronic neck and jaw problems can tell you.

Do you ever get a stiff neck or tight jaw without explanation or reason? Why does a muscle pull or cramp suddenly happen in a specific area constantly? Or when you are stressed out, there’s one area of the neck that’s always painful or tight?

Suffering from chronic neck/jaw pain or tightness can tell you information about your neurology, biochemistry, organ systems, psychology, EMOTIONS, and acupuncture system.

Possible causes of chronic neck or jaw pain:
1. Hidden chronic ear, eye, nose or throat infections that do not show any symptoms, such as: strep, staph, or cold and flu viruses. They can lie dormant and multiply EVEN after you thought you have killed them off from previous years. These infections can hang around in the body from early childhood.

2. Infected teeth, jaw cavities, or gum infections. These infections can produce toxins which stay in the jaw area, especially the saliva glands in the lymph nodes around the upper and middle neck.

When a chronic infection occurs repeatedly throughout the year or the same time every year, you should suspect a hidden infection. As the infections multiply they produce organic toxins. These toxins are pushed into the lymph nodes which are located around the neck. As toxins move down the lymph nodes they aggravate the neck and jaw muscles and can create spinal disc inflammation.

The inflammation can create random neck and jaw pain without explanation. This can occur more heavily throughout this season because of the high amounts of allergies and cold and flu viruses. As your body encounters these allergies and microbes, your immune system is activated and you become a little more fatigued. This can allow the hidden infections to become more active.

As this occurs your neck will become stiff and more painful. It also will aggravate the stomach and large intestine acupuncture meridians around the neck. If these pathways are blocked, you can feel the emotions of worry, grief, or sadness more than normal.

– Find a good physical therapist, massage therapist, chiropractor, or kinesiologist that can release the neck muscles and cranium to allow the lymph nodes to flow these toxins out. As the body shows the infections, you then can take natural anti-microbial supplements to kill them off more efficiently. You may find that the next season will not bring chronic neck pain, sinus infections or throat problems.

– Natural anti-microbials
– Neem capsules
– Noni capsule
– Chinese Coptis capsules
Illustration by @lindsayblaze

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