VIRGO – The Virgin August 23 – September 22

The Virgo’s approach to life is so endearing…they are born with a feeling that they are experiencing everything for the first time. They love to experience the new!

This sign is strong with:
– discipline – they will create a plan and stick with it till complete
– organization – love to create order
– practicality – can organize simple ways to solve complicated problems
– HARD WORK – never stop working:)
– loyalty – will stay true to a worthy cause to the end
– kindness – their hearts are deeply aware to the feelings of others
– discernment

Cleanliness, order, and DETAIL are so important to the Virgo. Our world would have NO CHARM if it wasn’t for the special attention to detail they give. They see the beauty in the small things, and how it can accentuate the beauty within the whole picture. To them the beauty is in the details. Nothing gets left to chance with this sign, their daily routine, schedule, home, closets, etc. are all detailed and in their proper place.

Their God-given gifting is to see complicated matters and the simple patterns within them. To the Virgo it is easy to create and organize a way to solve the hard matter; they LOVE the challenge. How does a Virgo release stress? By organizing!

This also carries over to their ability to see the patterns within other people, they are such great DISCERNERS. Virgo’s are natural leaders that have an innate ability to see the social, emotional, and psychological patterns of others and quickly determine the best way to approach them. Their hearts are kind, sensitive and very AWARE to make proper judgement calls that benefit all those around them.

As a friend, employee, employer, companion, etc., loyalty is in their blood. They stay loyal even at the expense of their own feelings and energy.

Virgo’s are hard workers. My Virgo patients and friends will work and work to get everything in it’s perfect place. They are perfectionist, and they will keep pushing themselves even to the point of burn out. As a Virgo gets tired, they can start to over analyze and see imperfections within themselves and others. This comes from their close attention to all detail.

They often will bury these feelings and not express them, because they can feel their voice is not valid, worthy, or important.

This sign has many similar qualities to the ONE’s in the enneagram.

If you are a tired Virgo, there are ways to restore balance.

Be mindful of anyone in your circle of people who are UNKIND OR RUDE; that type of vibration and energy will definitely create more fatigue in you.

Avoid those individuals or groups that live in the EGO. You already do not like the spotlight, or anyone else who tries to be center of attention.

AWARENESS of your core circle of friends is important. You need individuals around you that help you have FUN, to stop and smell the roses! You can get all work and no play if not careful:)

Take cooking classes, because you love quality food.

And definitely spend time outdoors and with pets; these elements ground you and calm your heart.

The last suggestion is your PERSONAL SPACE…create a clean, simple, quality space where you can read and study.

Releasing your stress and GAINING STRENGTH will allow you to see the worthiness of your voice. You are a communicator, your words carry weight and value, don’t forget this.

The three STRONGEST STARS within Virgo tell a story of redemption. Within all ancient cultures, these stars have consistently represented the same narrative. It’s God’s way of showing how important you are to the story, the universe.
– Coma – you are desired and loved
– Centaurus – you are not alone
– Bootes – you will have victory

As it is written, “The Lord sets His stars in place, calling them all by their names.” Psalms‬ ‭147:4‬

Illustration by @lindsayblaze

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