The Virtual Consultation Experience

Health Assessment + Customized Protocol

Health Assessment + Customized Protocol

We are committed to each and every one of our patients, providing exceptional clinical functional medicine care to people around the world, no matter the location. 

Our promise is this:

Whether virtually or in-office, Dr. Motley and team will provide you the personalized, trusted care you need.

Here’s What is Included in your consultation

Labs Analysis and Discussion:

We’ll send in specific lab testing, blood work, or genetic testing, customized on an individual basis
Further background: Everything in nature creates vibrations, which are measured with frequency.

As a result, everything produces a frequency range.

For example: A yeast microbe can emit a frequency pattern of 400-420 micro hertz. This is the frequency it exists in. If the voice analysis contains this frequency, it can be suspected that the individual may contain yeast.

Additional testing can be suggested to the patient, such as blood work or GI testing, to confirm if the infection is present. Extra steps to eliminate the infection can then be administered, and suggestions of which herbs or spices to consider to remove any infections can be made.

Analysis of Possible Food Sensitivities

Dr. Motley will provide you a list of inflammatory foods to avoid for a certain time frame. This will allow time for the digestive system to heal, and give you indications of what would be best to eat moving forward.

Analysis of Possible Infection Frequencies

If infection frequencies are suspected, Dr. Motley will make both lab and supplement suggestions to help remove any infections. Additionally, he will explain what symptoms these infections produce, and why you feel the way you do.

Suggestions for Additional Testing

If Dr. Motley believes additional information would help your case, he will provide you with the proper testing procedures and lab work. Additional lab testing can include: genetics, Lyme, parasitic, bacterial, hormonal, and general blood work. Dr. Motley can suggest laboratories he has used in his practice, or if you already have a laboratory you use, he can make suggestions within that company.

Supplement Analysis

Dr. Motley can analyze and review your supplement and herbs list to see which are the most vital to your overall system. His philosophy is “less is more.” In his office, he strives to create very small supplement protocols so it does not overwhelm the individual, as the right combination of supplements, no matter how small, can produce high levels of effectiveness.

Consultation Price: $435

Important Information to Note:

  • Dr. Motley always wants to work alongside the doctors and healthcare providers that you may already have. He believes different viewpoints to one individual’s health can create optimal healing. At no time will he suggest you stop taking any advice or course of action from any of your healthcare providers. His goal is to be a positive adjunct in any capacity in your health journey. 
  • The Virtual Consultation also includes contact to Dr. Motley through his virtual nurse. A HIPAA compliant app, as well as phone connectivity, are used to keep in touch with you to check in on your progress. The goal is to not let anyone feel as though they cannot stay in touch. Dr. Motley always wants his virtual clients to know that they have as much space in the office as his in-person clients do.