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Creating VISION is vital to your health, all the way to the cellular level.

Neuroscience is consistently researching the effect of VISION on the brain.

Can the way we THINK shape the path of our lives.

Research in this field says YES.

According to researchers, your VISION literally shapes your cells.

Visions and thoughts are literall “fields” of matter-concentrated waves of frequency that vibrate all the cells they pass through.

As these visions pass through your cells, they make the cell vibrate at the same level of the thought.

When a vision is consistently thought about, it causes the cells to vibrate and change shape more and more with the vision.

All the cells bump into one another until all the cells of the body vibrate with the VISION.

You then become a radio tower, sending out the vibration of your vision.

This creates what scientists call an attunement. Frequencies that enhance or amplify your vision are attracted to you. They say as this occurs, the path of your vision is “played out” like a song. One note after another.

Your thoughts and VISIONS create music, whether good or bad.

Practice daily vision of life outside of the EGO and into SURRENDER.

As the Proverb says, “…and where there is no vision, people perish. But happy is he who keeps it.” Keep it safe, keep it good and dance to the song of your life. 🦋

Styled and Shot by @lindsayblaze

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