Understanding why you have pain or why you aren’t healing can give a great deal of peace…or sadness. The journey of health begins when we discover the why’s to our questions. 

As you begin to learn and understand more about your health, your head naturally ask another question. “How long will I have to wait?” 

I sympathize when patients ask me:
1. “How long will it take to heal?”
2. “When will I feel better?”

This is the point where the word JOURNEY sinks in.

The Journey usually has steps:
– The first wave of sickness and pain brings worry.
– Then tests and health examinations, which can bring anxiety and dread.
– Discovering and uncovering the problem brings knowledge. This can bring peace or sadness.
– Finding out the length of treatment and recovery can at times bring defeat.

When a pain, trauma, or sickness happens, it usually has been lying underneath the surface for a long period of time.

Why it expresses itself at certain times depends on all aspects of your life:
– Environment
– Emotions
– Stress and Trauma
– Nutrition
– Family genes
– People you surround yourself with

How LONG you have to wait to heal, can also depend on the same things. 

If these areas of life were out of balance before, and you didn’t notice, it may show you ignored yourself, pushing your own feelings aside. If you did notice them and didn’t change the balance, it may show you “pushed through” and often lived your life for someone else-in an unhealthy way.

The whole time, your body has been WAITING for you to listen. 

There comes a point when the MIND and body can’t keep going in the same direction. 

Symptoms come to the surface so that we become AWARE of the problem. TRUE SELF does not want YOU to IGNORE yourself anymore. It has been waiting for your attention, and it knows how valuable our presence is. 

Yes, knowing how long you must wait is a vital question to the journey. But just as important is asking yourself how long have you pushed yourself aside. 

That is the starting point, this is where the STORY begins. WHO ARE YOU? 

How long have you WAITED to ask yourself this.

Take heart today…“So because our hope is set on what is yet to be seen, we patiently keep on waiting for its fulfillment.”
‭‭Romans‬ ‭8:25‬ ‭ 🦋
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