One of my favorite quotes… “The sun always shines above the clouds.”

Seasons of stress, worry, sickness, and pain program us to look for the worst. The nerves in our brain and body listen to what we think…and how much we think about them.

Psychology and neurology research states that if we think about something over and over (around 800-1000 times), the brain will create nerve pathways specifically for those thoughts and signals.

The more we think thoughts, whether negative or positive, the more we increase the strength of those specific thoughts. I’ve often heard it compared to creating a highway. The first thoughts create nerve pathways that are like dirt roads. As more “traffic/thoughts” occur on that road, the brain will smooth out the dirt, lay gravel and rock on top, and eventually asphalt; this creates easy flow of specific thoughts.

Negative thoughts can eventually lead to physical sickness. Remember, if we can create negative pathways by thought, we can also create positive highways by repetition.

In this new summer season, let’s walk light, shed off old baggage, and keep looking up! I’m positively challenging myself to do this, and I want you to join in with me.

Remind yourself that for every difficult situation, there is a positive learning experience to it. That is how are world flows and stays in balance…yin and yang. There must be something good we can learn from all the hard times.

The Neurology To Do List:
– Every morning find one person, pet, or situation you are grateful for and pray for them.
– Literally give whoever or whatever it is a mental hug.
– Repeat this throughout the day, even if you have to set an alarm…GRATITUDE ALARM.
– Repeat this practice for a week, YOU ARE LAYING GROUNDWORK for positivity.

You will be surprised how much this will change your outlook on life when you start these small steps. The next week choose someone or something new; the more gratitude and love you send someone, the more you BUILD love and gratitude in your own life. You begin to love yourself more, and feel more grateful for how God made you…You’re loveable.

Keep your chin up!
Photo and Style by @lindsayblaze

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