Leaky gut describes the condition your digestive tract is in…leaky.

The lining of your digestive system, the stomach, small intestine, and large intestine all have a job:
– Stomach – breakdown of food
– Small Intestine – absorption of nutrients from food
– Large Intestine – remove waste

Inflammation of the lining in these areas can create cracks or holes within the lining. The lining, which is a mucous layer, absorbs nutrients, protect us from bad digestive infections, and filters allergic food molecules from reaching our blood stream.

Remember inflammation can be created by:
– White/Processed Sugars
– Trans Fats/Bad Oils – non organic palm, safflower seed, corn, cottonseed, or any oil that isn’t from a clean source
– GMO/Pesticide covered Grains -Wheat, Corn, Barley, and Malt
– Inorganic Cow Dairy
– Chronic Infections
– High Stress

When holes or cracks form, infections and allergens can pass through the mucous lining without any filter and go directly into our blood stream. This can create a situation where your body activates antibodies to search and fight the allergen or infections within the blood. Chronic inflammation results within the blood stream and can lead to:
– Brain fog
– Mental distress and strain
– Bloating
– Chronic Diarrhea or Constipation
– Nutrient malabsorption

The main sources of repair that I see in the office:
Vitamin D3/K2
Digestive enzymes(to eat away toxic biofilm)
Herbs such as Morinda/Noni, Neem, Chinese Coptis, Mimosa Pudica
Vitamin C

I would advise you find a holistic practitioner who utilizes blood tests, stool analysis, biofeedback, or kinesiology muscle testing to give you proper recommendations on the supplementation that is unique to you. It may be a journey to find one, but don’t give up.

Lastly, research that intentional breathing, meditation, and present thinking heals the lining of the gut. Pulling yourself out of the “fight or flight” response from everyday stress has been shown to restore the lining. This is the result of decreasing inflammation by balancing your cortisol and adrenal levels.

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