If you suffer from headaches, joint pain, neurological symptoms, weakness and can’t seem to find a diagnosis from your physician, you may want to consider getting tested for Lyme disease.

Lyme disease is a chronic condition that creates:

  • neurological symptoms and tissue breakdown
  • weakness and chronic fatigue
  • joint pain
  • numbness
  • digestive problems
  • allergies
  • tremors, shaking, seizures
  • migraines and headaches
  • vision problems

The list can go even further, but these are the basic symptoms created. Lyme has reported cases around the world, and contrary to the majority of the medical field, it is not contained solely within the northeast U.S.

Lyme is personal to me. I had it for over three years as a child, and probably longer than that without realizing it. My personal friend – Dr. Allan Lindsley, an expert in the field, is the one who brought me back to health. He taught me all I know about Lyme disease, and since being treated myself, I have seen and helped hundreds of cases over the years. I continue to receive more patients that are struggling with this painful disease in the office.

Lyme disease can damage your whole body, because it causes breakdown in your cells which can affect you in a few ways:

  1. Neurologically
  2. Physiologically
  3. Emotionally

Some would say, “You can’t fully get rid of Lyme” but don’t be discouraged – the body needs proper nutrients to “turn the cells back on”. I wanted to write on the basics of Lyme to encourage those who struggle with it, and discuss some of the myths of the disease. With proper evaluation and therapy, one can get back to the place they were before having the condition.

I have seen patients with chronic Lyme come to resolution because they are willing to go through a process of fighting the disease. Below is a list of some of the challenges they face:

  • Eliminate the infection
  • Toxins given off from the infection
  • Cell repair – healing mitochondria to create energy
  • Recovery time – giving yourself time to heal
  • Emotional healing

Elimination the Infection
Killing Lyme and its co-infection can be difficult only because taking an antibiotic such as doxycycline or amoxycillin gives a single shot affect on a multitude of bacteria and parasites, which also allows the infectious agents to adapt and hide from the antibiotic. Spirochetes (Lyme) can burrow into tissue and mask themselves as your tissue and the medication can pass right over them.

Using a combination of key herbs and spices is the best way, in my opinion – since it does not allow the microbes to adapt to any one ingredient. When you use a shotgun effect, it hits more targets and kills more microbes. I will be sure to include some of these particular items in a later post.

Toxins from Infection
The toxins released by the bacteria and parasites are the primary reason for you feeling sick. When microbes get into your joints, digestive tract, head, sinuses, etc. they release toxins, and inhabit the bloodstream. The body tries to respond by using its own defense system as well as the liver to detoxify the toxins and kill the infection. However, yeast problems can then arise, since good bacteria are eliminated in the gut from the toxic overload.

This response creates high levels of compounds which can become toxic to the body, for example:

  • Ammonia – waste product of the infection, causes brain fog and headaches
  • Superoxide – a natural product of your body to kill infection, but can become toxic
  • Phenolic compounds – product of parasites
  • Acetaldehyde – product of yeast which causes brain fog

These build up in the joints, muscles, nerve tissue, digestive tract and liver creating neurological symptoms, headaches, joint pain/breakdown, and weakness.

Cell Repair and Energy Production
As levels of Lyme and it’s co-infections are reducing, the next challenge is to get energy back into the cell. The cell’s natural ability to produce energy is damaged quite severely when chronic infection is present. Energy production is as much as a priority as getting rid of the infection. IT IS KEY THAT YOU TURN YOUR CELL’S ENERGY CYCLE BACK ON. If you have adequate amounts of energy, you will be able to fight off of the infection. Cell repair is induced by the use of common herbals, vitamins, and minerals you can find on your shelf. In the next article, I will go over the supplements that have been known to help with repair.

Emotional Healing
Emotional healing is crucial. Eliminating negative stresses and thoughts out of the mind are just as important as getting rid of the disease. Thoughts hold memories of your time being sick and frustrated. Releasing those thoughts are important, because thoughts occupy space in the brain, just like an injured shoulder would. You have to break the injury circuit so the body is told to heal. Techniques such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), NET (Neuro Emotional Technique), EMDR (Eye Movement Therapy), and Cognitive Therapies are methods you will need to look into. Find a practitioner of these techniques in your area. Also EFT is a simple tool that I have used for years with patients. Here’s a link on Dr. Mercola’s website that shows you the basics.

Recovery Time
The time it takes to heal from Lyme is a broad spectrum. Some patients can see results within weeks, but others could take years. Don’t let that discourage you if you have been confirmed with the condition. Sometimes, it can take many months to get the cells to produce energy on their own. Every person handles healing with this disease differently, it can be very debilitating. My number one suggestion is to always give yourself time and grace to heal. Remember, producing energy is key. When the cells have been sick for so long, giving them the right nutrients so they can breathe again is the most important thing that you can do.

I hope this gives you a start to understanding Lyme disease. The next article will cover testing, herbals, and supplementation I have seen work great in the treatment of this condition!

Be well,
Dr. Motley

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