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In Chinese Medicine many practitioners  describe the body by a basic constitution.

A constitution is an environment in which you thrive, and your body feels peace and rest.

These constitutions can be:

  • Earth/Dirt – love of the mountains, trees, hills, “the woods”
  • Fire/Heat – love of the desert, hot climates, very dry climates
  • Water/Wet – love of the ocean, beach, lakes, anything water
  • Wind/Air – love of cooler, dry climates, especially winter time and spring. This location can be anywhere

As it may seem unusual to describe you in this way, it is terms that Chinese and Aryuvedic medicine use to describe what environment feeds your unique physiology.

I often hear patients say, “I love the beach and ocean, it is my happy place.” Why? More than likely that person has found their environmental constitution.

The nature of the environment you are in can determine if your body stays cold, damp/wet, hot, or dry internally. These are acupuncture terms that are used to describe your metabolism (talk more on this at another time).

The environment that balances your internal body makeup/temperature could be your constitution. For example if you have too high body heat, you may enjoy an area of water or cool air.

Everyone is different. Even children raised in the same family and same environment have different constitutions.

This phenomena has been connected to:

  • Time of year you were born in-spring, summer, fall, winter
  • Genetics-what area your ancestors grew up or lived in, your metabolism
  • Body Type-Thyroid, Adrenal, or Reproductive Organs

With this post, the primary thought is to find the place that feeds your soul. What are you drawn to?

I love the mountains. Both my parents are from the mountains. I feel it in my blood.

Pay close attention to the places that you feel:

  1. Rest
  2. Energy
  3. Overall joy
  4. No pressure or rush

Find these and try to live there!!

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