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The examples of environment are here.
I use myself always as an example. I’m an EARTH constitution, which means I feel things in my gut. I’m a stomach-spleen person, I have a hard time processing worry, self-esteem, and caring too much.
When I’m in my groove and element, those thoughts go away, it’s almost scary.

Earth peeps need to head to the Mountains and Hills. Temperature usually does not have too much a bearing on these individuals, they just want to be near rich, deep soil.
Examples: Colorado, Eastern Tennessee, the Carolina Mountains, etc.

Metal/Air element definitely favors a dry, cool, clean, air environment where it can feel like fall all year around. Also there is a major influence of rock formations that stimulate this element.
Examples: Northern Western sets of US, Wyoming, Montana, the Dakotas, Utah, or even parts of New England

Water elements know where to go!!
Oceans, Seas, Lakes, Ponds, Rivers, and Streams
Any Coast, Inlet, Waterfall, or Gulf. The earth is 75% water, these individuals have plenty to choose from.
Examples: Hawaii, Florida, California Coast, Riviera, Brazilian Coast

Wood element needs to be in the actual woods, with lots of trees and vegetation. Examples: Forest, Woods, National Park
Yellowstone, Zion National, Appalachian Trail, Canadian Forest, Jungle

Fire Element definitely needs a hot environment. Whether it be humid or dry environment, the warm climates sooth this individual. Water does not have to be near them to feel good.
Examples: Desert, or even Southern US where it warm most of the year.

Make your environment at home match your element, wherever you live!

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