This is one of the main question I get every week! I believe that knowledge of what may be causing your fatigue can give peace of mind. With so much talk about what ails the body, I don’t want these subjects to be a negative talk, but an insight to how you can improve your health and hopefully get answers.

What is one of the main things I see cause fatigue??? INFECTIONS
There are a few common infections of the thyroid and the entire body that I see come into the office:

  1. EBV-Epstein Barr Virus
  2. Strep
  3. Staph
  4. Chlamydia Pneumonia

The thyroid along with the liver are prone to infections simply because your whole blood volume passes through both organs throughout the day. Infections like these type of organs because they trap toxins easily and they carry nutrients. It’s easy for an infection to plant down in the tissue and absorb nutrients while a food supply in the blood is consistently passing in front of them. Who doesn’t like free food 😉

Remember that when the thyroid is affected then the adrenals and reproductive glands get drained of energy as well.

These infections are very invasive and can multiply rapidly. While at the beginning symptoms of such infections can be quite severe, when they are killed off by anti-viral meds or antibiotics most individuals think the infections are gone. However, I’ve seen in the office and in research that the infections can hide in the tissues for years, and chronically drain the body of energy and nutrients.

So without sounding scary, these infections can hang around for quite a long time. It’s better to know if you have them and if they are causing a problem. We will go over some signs and symptoms, testing, and why certain herbals and nutrients are recommended.

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