Recent experiments and studies in Russia have proved that human DNA can actually be reprogrammed by the words we speak. The researchers took positive spoken words and “placed” or modulated them on specific frequencies and subjected human DNA strands to that frequency. The DNA responded positively to the words. Segments of the DNA molecule that were physically damaged were visibly repaired within a matter of minutes-DNA strands wound tightly and frayed, released and unwound to full length. Specific gene sequences of DNA strands were literally reprogrammed and shifted to positive expression just by positive spoken words.

Scientists found:

  1. Speaking positive words reprogrammed and healed DNA to positive expressions of health and vitality throughout the body. Just as speaking negative words can harm DNA as well.
  2. Repetition is the key – words, phrases, and thoughts need to be replayed within daily life around 800 times to be believed by the brain and body. Thus, reprogramming can take place and healing begins.
  3. “Sick” cancer cells placed within healthy environments surrounded by healthy frequency (words) healed the cell completely to normal metabolic activity.
  4. DNA strands can be reprogrammed and visibly changed in little as 2 minutes just by words.


Our genes are responsible for:

  • Aging process – how fast or slow we age
  • Being susceptible to diseases running in the family – cancer, heart disease, diabetes
  • Immune system strength – how well you can fight off a sickness
  • Your emotions – the ones you got from your parents and ancestors
  • Allergic symptoms and sensitivity to foods

All these conditions have been linked to what your genes tell your cells how to operate. Reprogramming simply means to change the expression of the “bad” message to a “good” message. The cell reads the good message and carries out the good behaviors and traits for healing. Expression is a common term in the methylation process of cells.


The studies and results of these experiments have been successfully applied to skin cancer patients in European hospitals. And remarkably the skin cancers many times left without any scarring. Additionally, they have had great success in treating genetic defects and cellular metabolism through the use of epigenetic therapy. I will discuss epigenetics at a later time.


The results of the studies prove your genetic coding is not permanently set to make you susceptible to sickness, disease, or hereditary illnesses. The research proves that you can change the programming of your DNA within a few minutes. You can block or switch off the bad genes in your DNA and reprogram how your genes express themselves altogether just by the words you speak!


    1. Locate condition or stress that is bugging you. You can do this in a busy or quiet place.
    2. Send – thoughts of love, gratefulness, and thankfulness about anything to the spot that hurts or the emotion that haunts you.
    3. Repeat, repeat, repeat – 700-800 times is what they say it takes. This does not literally mean that you go on counting your repetition all day. It means you think of it often, and eventually you begin to live in the feelings of love, gratefulness, and thankfulness.
    4. Patience – this is a marathon, you must practice every day to train yourself, just like an athlete.

Words truly have power. Research has proven that DNA strands operate and respond only within the auditory realm; they respond physically only to sound both spoken and thought. Not only is our health affected by what we speak, but also by the words of others around us. So, be mindful of what you speak, and be mindful of who you hang out with – their words change your DNA too!

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