I mentioned before how there is research of pets developing the same conditions or sicknesses as the caretaker.

For example, the individual with diabetes may soon discover that their cat has diabetes. Is it coincidence? I don’t believe so.

They call the phenomenon GROUNDING, just like grounding in electrical wiring. If you have a wire that is pushing electricity through it, you need to be able to put that electricity somewhere at the end of the wire. Pets do this for us, and we do it for them. We can absorb vibrations and frequencies from each other.

Our bodies create toxins, and toxic particles have a polar charge. Polar charge means that there is a negative or positive charge to any element, cell, metal, molecule, etc. Most toxins have a positive polarity, while a few have negative polarity.

When you walk outside with your bare feet on the earth, their is an electron transfer that occurs. The negative polar charge of electrons rush into your body, while the positive charge of the toxins are pushed out. This is called ionic emissions or transfer, and occurs primarily in the feet, hands, armpits and top of head. These areas are the areas we mostly sweat, because it is your bodies way of attempting to “sweat out” toxins.

When your pet comes to sit on your lap or chest, or sits beside you, or under your feet, they are grounding you. They feel what you feel because of a heightened awareness they possess to pick up on your vibrations. If they sense a sickness or a imbalanced condition, the first thought in their body is to create balance…because they live in the PRESENT.

I have had patients that have told me that their pet would sniff, lick, or hang around certain areas of their body, only to find out later there was something wrong in that area. Pets can smell and detect toxins due to their extreme sense of awareness and smell.

The part that is eye opening in this exchange…is the absorption of toxins and vibrations between pet and caretaker. Their cells will vibrate and mimic your health conditions. That is one explanation how a pet develops the same condition as caretaker. Don’t feel guilty about this, it is your pets joy and instinct to do this. They are healers. And always remember you do the same for them. As much healing and joy they bring to you, you bring to them. If you did not have imbalances, they would have nothing to balance:) Your pet has a healing purpose.

You will find when the caretaker has healed and become aware, the pet may decide to move on to another journey. They know you so well!

Pets, life’s healer!!!

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