With new seasons of growth we all focus on what to shed and get rid of. How do we feel lighter and clear our minds and bodies of excess things that weigh us down? We focus on diet, emotional cleansing, and fasting…of certain foods, jobs, or relationships. These are all fantastic so stay encouraged. Keep going, and shed!
On the flip side, we also have things we want to save and gain: money, career, friendships, and one of the most important…TIME.
Creating personal time is a must if we truly desire creating peace. Planning and putting together a schedule that actually has personal time placed in it, is a LIFE GIVING New Years practice.
When we have business meetings, kids soccer games, etc. they take upmost importance in the schedule
and actually can create stress. And if we do put away personal time, we allow those other things to seep into that precious quiet time. Why? We may have an issue of personal time not being important to us. But this may reflect how we feel about ourselves.
Personal time = Self Healing
This time creates patterns in the brain that our health and sanity is a priority in our lives! It trains our brains to know we are important. To be better for others, we need to truly prioritize time for ourselves.
Remember to set time to give yourself some freedom. Freedom is the new currency.
“Most of us aren’t afraid of dying, we are afraid we never lived.” Tim Ferris’s

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