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Chinese medicine man, Dr. Christopher Motley offers a wide range of holistic approaches to modern medicine — for full mind, body, and spirit healing.

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Our Specialties

Dr. Christopher Motley offers a range of holistic modalities, including Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), frequency medicine, acupuncture, kinesiology, chiropractic, emotion balancing techniques (NET and EFT), functional medicine, and more.

Chinese Medicine

An ancient practice that has evolved over thousands of years, Dr. Motley is a practitioner of various mind and body practices and herbal products to address a wide range of health problems.

Frequency Medicine

A healing art that has existed for centuries, Dr. Motley uses vibration and frequency to identify and treat both physical, mental, and emotional conditions.


An integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Motley utilizes the age-old practice of acupuncture to relieve pain, improve the body’s functions, and promote natural self-healing processes.

Meet Dr. Motley

My Passion Behind My Work

I am grateful and thankful to experience, study, and practice healthcare as my chosen field for life. I particularly enjoy practicing it from a Chinese Medicine viewpoint. The art, science, and integration of both Eastern and Western medicine has been a foundation in my health studies.

To say that one form of medicine is better than the other can only create tension and disharmony. Unity of ideas and knowledge is what I believe brings healing and cures. In Chinese Medicine, sickness comes from tension, disharmony, or imbalance. Alignment, ease, and detachment within the body create a space for healing.

When all forms of healthcare can fall into alignment, in their proper place, the greatest healing for a patient can occur. A practitioner that believes that they have all the answers to one person’s health could miss alternative approaches to help a patient heal faster.

Our Current Offerings

Committed to treating both mind and body, Dr. Christopher Motley provides the resources, guidance, and one-on-one care needed to address many issues that the traditional medical community overlooks. As a leader in non-traditional healthcare, Dr. Motley’s desire is to empower you with helpful resources to answer important questions and give you daily practical application to live a fuller, healthier life.


Instructional videos, in-depth articles, and an educational community for health transformation.


Learn the science behind treating lyme disease and the new advanced techniques that have helped 1,000s of people balance their body and improve their immunity.


Whether virtually or in-person, Dr. Motley offers comprehensive health assessments paired with customized protocol development.

Featured Collection

Nutrition from Nature, for Your Body

A curation of Dr. Motley’s favorite supplements and vitamins, all in one convenient place.


I am convinced I wouldn’t be alive today if it were not for Chris Motley. He’s saved my life multiple times getting me through crazy foreign deadly diseases like Lyme, Dengue Fever, and Parasites!
Lindsey L

Dr. Motley has changed my life. Getting to the root of the problem is so refreshing! My session today left me feeling energized and free of all pain – a miracle in my world. Thanks, Chris, for caring so much about all of your patients! You are just plain awesome.
Patty G

Motley has been my primary doc for about 8 or 9 years as well as a doc to my 5 kids! Anytime one of the kids has a problem I hear “I need to see Dr. Chris” because he always knows how to fix their problem!
Emily T

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